iBC sponsors several  types of events. 


Our Salons are conversations with experts and other remarkable people on key topics.  At these intimate after-hour events (12-20 people), members and guests can unwind, meet amazing people, learn about an area of interest, and enjoy great food and wine.

Learn more about our Fall Salons.

lunchBREAK Friday   

For lunchBREAK Friday, we invite 6-8 professionals and entrepreneurs to share a bit about their businesses, organizations and projects “in the pipeline” with each other, and get feedback on something they are working on.

It is an informal focus group of smart, experienced and creative people. And a chance for members and guests to get recommendations on resources and share tools and tips.

Those who have not been to iBC can take a quick tour at 11:45.  We begin promptly at noon and wrap up by 1:15.  Those who want to stick around are welcome to do so.  But we generally close up shop around 3:00.  While we have our usual snacks, we recommend bringing your lunch.


Members and guests learn from experts and talk with each other about topics relevant to small business. When they come together, they watch Webinars sponsored by top-notch organizations. There is no need to re-invent the wheel on this.  We provide the Jetway Conference Room and the technology to plug in.

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