iBC is a place to focus, connect and thrive.

In today’s world, we assume many roles and responsibilities.  We carry around a lot of baggage…and wear a lot of hats.  iBC is a place where you can leave your baggage behind … hang up your hat … and concentrate on your work alongside other motivated, productive people.

Some think of iBC as a “boutique” coworking space. Others consider it a fitness center for their work life.  Like a fitness center, members gain access to great equipment and can work (or workout) by themselves or with others.  Like a fitness center, members come in with a clear idea of what they want to accomplish, leave feeling energized to take on other priorities and achieve a better work-life balance. 

iBC is an inspiring and professional place to focus on your work and meet with clients, face-to-face and virtually.   It’s ideal for consultants, independent contractors & freelancers; professionals and small businesses; and executives & managers who work for companies with headquarters elsewhere.

Independent professionals and entrepreneurs who pride themselves on being self-sufficient know it’s not easy to build a business from the ground up, or run it once it’s off the ground.  Connecting with those with different expertise and experiences can be a real lifeline.

Small business owners seek out networking opportunities to get referrals and develop relationships with potential collaborators. While these networking events can be invaluable, they can be hit-or-miss, and meeting across town can eat up a lot of precious time.

iBC does some of the legwork for you!  We host several types of events to bring together small groups to meet with experts and other remarkable people for meaningful conversations.  And we help Members learn about and connect with the broader business community.   Learn more. 

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