How did inBUSINESS COWORKING come about?  When owner and long-time resident of Chapel Hill, Sari Teplin, was considering repurposing a building her family owns in Madison, Wisconsin, she became fascinated with the concept of coworking and began researching and visiting coworking places around the country. Teplin didn’t end up turning the Madison building into a coworking space, but she couldn’t get the idea out of her head.  As a healthcare planning and policy consultant, who worked from home for many years, she missed the camaraderie of other people and being able to bounce ideas off of them.  So she thought, “why not do it here?”

Why the name inBUSINESS coworking?   It seems like there are many options for start-ups, twenty-something entrepreneurs…and those in hi-tech enterprises.   While we love start-ups, twenty-somethings and hi-techs, we wanted to provide a space and community for those who are already in business …or are on their second & third careers ….and for those in their 30s, 40s, and 50s and beyond.


Is iBC an executive suite?   Not really. While we provide furniture, equipment and other resources found in many executive suites, we are also about community and making connections. We make it easy for members to collaborate, get input on challenges they face, and obtain referrals.

Why do you require a minimum of 3-month membership.   iBC is designed primarily for those who are interested in becoming part of a stable community, where members get to know each other. We hope that members will stay well beyond three months, but we want to offer flexibility for those with shorter-term needs.

Is iBC staffed?  And is there someone to answer the phone and take messages?  Nope!  No one is “manning” a phone or on-site at all times.  The expectation is that our iBC members are fairly self-sufficient and responsible…that they will be more than happy to accept packages delivered to other members who may not be in the office, make coffee when the pot is empty and lock up when they leave.  We hope that members view iBC as their own office and care for it as if it were.  If something unexpected arises, the owner or iBC representative is usually just a phone call away.

What characteristics do iBC members have in common?  Well, we think they are smart, authentic, creative…and hard-working.  And while they like to work independently, they like having the opportunity to connect with others and understand the value of collaborating with other savvy business people.


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